Ysleta Lutheran Mission

El Paso Texas & Juarez Mexico

Since 2004 Peace Lutheran has been sending teams of volunteers down to the Mexican border to help provide decent housing to families in need in the greater Juarez area. The families are chosen by the Pastors of the mission churches that were started by Ysleta Lutheran Mission of El Paso Texas. Teams stay in a dormitory in El Paso in the evening and then travel across the border to work on the various projects in the Juarez area under the leadership of YLM staff. Besides housing, we have also been able to help a couple of the mission churches with upkeep and expansion projects. 

  • 2004 - Peace built 2 houses and one building to be used as a Sunday school for children
  • 2005 - 2 homes built
  • 2006 - 2 homes built
  • 2007 - Started a church addition at San Lucas Lutheran in Anapra, Mexico
  • 2008 - Built a staircase and fixed a wall for San Francisco Church in Juarez Mexico and laid a foundation for a future home
  • 2009 - one home built
  • 2013 - one home built
  • 2015 - one home built

It has always been a blessing for the teams to get to know the families that they are serving and to understand a little more about what life is like in a poor area of Mexico. Even though the families have so little, these brothers and sisters in Christ have such joy in their hearts that it melts our own hearts as we are blessed to serve them. Many team members have commented over the years that they have gotten more out of the trip than the family who received a new home.