“I am HE who will sustain you”

           - Isaiah 46:4

celebrating the god of life

Christ Jesus came to give us life eternal and our fullest life here today! Whatever stage of life you are in and whatever stage of faith you are in we would love to connect with you, and help you connect with your savior.

eternal faith &

modern life

This group strives to connect eternal truth to modern times. As technology and cultural changes evolve God provides stable guidelines for personal, family and community life. These Biblical principles are relevant, relational, and time-tested. We discuss these truths week by week helping each other build a foundation for life, family, church, and community.

Sunday Mornings  8:15am

Senior home ministry

We take God’s Word seriously when it speaks of the blessing of those with “old age” and “gray hairs.” God’s loving care is to be shared with His children, no matter their age, condition or location. This aspect of ministering to God’s people is very important. Too often people living in senior complexes, assisted living and nursing facilities tend to feel left-out or isolated from family, friends, and sometimes from their Lord and Savior. Through on-site chapel services, personal visitations, family support and counseling, and celebrating their life lived in Christ, we care deeply for those people and strive to connect them to Christ and a church family as well.

men's bible breakfast

connect before sunrise

Start the day and the week off with an enjoyable, enlightening study of God’s Word, with breakfast and fellowship as an added bonus! This group has been meeting on Monday mornings for many years. Yes, it is incredibly early in the morning – 6:00 AM, but that leaves plenty of time to get to your office, work, appointments, or chores. We take turns bringing breakfast and then explore a variety of biblical topics as well as discussing sports, politics (not much), hunting, fishing, weather, and cars. Please join us when you can!!

Mondays at 6:00am

Sisters in Faith

discovering god's love

We are Ladies discovering that the LORD is good. We aim to connect ladies to Christ and each other through Bible Studies, Christ centered events as well as common interest activities. Our goal is to stay connected to Christ and other sisters in Christ.  We are excited about what the Holy Spirit brings to this ministry and how God enables us to encourage each other in sisterly love. We would love to see you there!

Sisters In Faith page