West Africa

Marilyn Thompson, head of missions at Peace was blessed to make 2 trips to West Africa. In 2008 she went to Mali and Burkina Faso with Francophone Ministries for Christ, based in Port Huron Michigan. The three week trip included teaching Pastors and Lay leaders in various African churches and also the building of a new radio tower which became the 8th Christian radio station in Burkina Faso.


In 2013 Marilyn again went to Burkina Faso and spent time at the R.E.D. Christian Radio station that she had helped out 5 years earlier. She also was greatly blessed to be able to spend time at an orphanage, working with the children and learning from the wonderful godly women who ran the orphanage. She hopes to return again to West Africa and take others with her to experience the extremes of the land and the beauty and joy of the African people.